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Skylight Family Therapy

Skylight Family Therapy is a private therapy practice with offices in Olathe, Kansas and at Skylight Respite Ranch. Contact a therapist directly for more information.

Chris Allin
Graduate Student Intern


Chris is currently a graduate student in the Master of Family Therapy Program at Friends
University in Kansas City and is under supervision from a Friends University Clinical Faculty Member, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

One thing Chris has always enjoyed is hearing other peoples’ stories. His natural curiosity drove him to get to know people and their stories. His authenticity, empathy and compassion have always encouraged people to share their experiences with him. He views therapy through a systemic lens and wants to help families relate more effectively. He believes the way families relate to each other has a direct impact on the individual family members’ wellbeing. Using a systemic approach helps families identify relational patterns they would like to change.

Chris is interested in working with individuals, couples and families going through a difficult time. He is also interested in working with clients who have experienced trauma.

Chris earned his Bachelor of General Studies degree in Psychology from the University of
Kansas. In his previous career, Chris worked closely with parents and children as a Patient Care Coordinator. His time in that role showed him the importance of effective communication with families. He developed a desire to help families directly in his new role as a student therapist.

Chris is wrapping up his first year and is taking new clients. His hours of availability are
weekdays, some weekends, and Saturdays.

Contact Chris at or 913-346-6609.

Kerry Jossie
Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

Kerry Jossie, LCMFT

You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a family, and your heart is breaking. Anger and defiance erupt when you want love and peace. If you are struggling in your family relationships, we can work together to help your family move from surviving to thriving.

As an adoptive parent, I know how hard it can be to create a secure attachment with a child. I’m here to offer hope and help. After teaching trauma-informed parenting classes for eight years, I returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. My goal is to help distressed families heal and thrive.

As a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, I work with individuals and couples as well as families. Adoption-related issues such as reactive attachment disorder and behavior challenges are a major focus of my practice. I have experience helping clients with trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and relationship difficulties.

Contact Kerry at or 316-641-9329.

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