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You can help save a family.


If you believe in the mission of Skylight Respite Ranch and want to see more opportunities for adoptive families to heal, we invite you to give generously. Contributions will allow construction of the building and, once we're totally operational, to help families who need the respite care and parenting training that Skylight Respite Ranch offers. Your contributions will help offset costs for families in need of this service who otherwise could not afford it. And, your contribution is tax deductible!

Our current needs: Funds are needed for hiring an executive director, licensing our home, and obtaining bedding and other supplies to begin small-scale ranch operations.

Our goal: Inspired by an amazing great-grandmother, our goal is to have 1000 people each donating $20 per month to SRR. We will then be able to move full speed ahead with construction of a full-size respite ranch home.


"Skylight Respite Ranch is a great, great idea and more than that, these wonderful people are working hard to make their plans come true. Parents and children need all the help they can get. If I could, I would donate more! We don't want the state governments raising our children and with help given to the families, both rest and education, more hearts and homes will be able to care for both foster and adopted children. Let's get this ranch built and up and running. Our families need this Respite Ranch! 1000 donations at $20.00 each month."

                                                                                                                                                  --A Great-Grandmother

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