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Respite Care

There was a time when I didn’t know where to turn. I loved my children, but behaviors were out of control and our home was anything but peaceful. I needed a break, I needed some understanding, I needed help!


If you or someone you know is in that crisis mode where you don’t know where to turn, when other avenues seem to be a dead end, please call us anytime.


(Note: Respite care is not yet available. Parenting classes are currently being offered online, and you may contact us by phone or email.)

When families are at their wits end and answers are scarce, Skylight Respite Ranch can help.


We will offer respite care for one to fourteen days in a rural setting, away from the noise and chaos, in a healing atmosphere close to nature. Our long term goal is to have an 8,000 square-foot group home in the heart of Kansas that will be licensed for up to 10 children, ages 8 to 17. Trained, committed staff will be at SRR 24/7 including a night shift, to ensure the children’s comfort and safety.


As stress levels go down and the “dust” settles, the family’s spirits can be rejuvenated. Children will stay engaged in wholesome activities that are designed to reduce stress and fear in the context of an outdoor based, nature themed, rural environment. In addition, an on-site licensed marriage and family therapist will lead discussion groups with the kids and offer training for parents.


Classes for the parents—required as participants of SRR—will open hearts to the love-based, trauma-informed parenting methods of raising children from hard places. These methods lead to greater parent-child attachment and family healing.

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