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"I was at a point where I no longer know which way to turn."

As a single father of a sweet and beautiful little girl, I have had more than just a few challenges, but nothing we couldn’t manage.


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Brandon's Story

I grew up in an abusive household. I was raised by a mother who had many addictions and didn’t know how to be a mother, but she tried to raise us to the best of her ability, which unfortunately wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, me and my brother and sisters were put in the foster care system. We bounced around the system for a couple of years and we were separated from each other at one point.


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"No family should have to feel like their last resort is relinquishing their child back to the State."

Our family adopted the sweetest two-year-old little girl.  At the age of four, she began demonstrating behavioral difficulty.  We started therapy and mental health services.  Things continued to worsen.

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