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Respite Care

Skylight Respite Ranch is a place where kids who are experiencing conflict at home can come spend a few days on a small ranch. They will help care for plants and animals, help with food preparation and clean-up, participate in discussion groups and other activities. Skylight Respite Ranch is geared primarily toward adoptive families in crisis, but non-adoptive families will be considered on a case-by-case basis as space permits.

Parent Education

“Great information!! It would be wonderful to share this information with foster families, schools and other professionals. Awesome presentation!!” --A Parent


"When we were at our wits end with our adopted children, we needed respite and education. Respite care was difficult to find; however, we learned more effective parenting techniques from the best therapists in the country. We now offer parent education and will be offering respite care as soon as we raise sufficient funds to build Skylight Respite Ranch." --Kerry Jossie

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"I'm doing great! Thanks for the help. You saved a family." --JD, age 14

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