October 2012

Incorporated as a Non-Profit

Skylight Respite Ranch began its journey!

August 2014

Acquired 501(c)(3) Status

We are a tax exempt public charity!

September 2014

GoFundMe Campaign

SRR reached and exceeded our initial crowdfunding goal of $3000 and have been enabled to move forward on several fronts. Thanks so much to the many supporters!

May 2015

New Fundraising Goal

In order to move forward with hiring an architect and engineers, and then proceed with construction and begin serving families, we have a goal of 1000 donors each contributing $20 per month to SRR. We invite you to be one of the 1000! Simply click on the "donate" button,enter $20 as the donation amount, and check the box labeled "make recurring (monthly)." Thank you so much!

May 2015

Immediate Need: $10,000

In order to prepare for construction we need to raise $10,000 to have an architect draw up blueprints. Please consider donating generously! 

October 2015

Goal: Begin Construction

Once sufficient funds are raised, engineers will work with the architect to draw up plans. We will obtain county permits and begin construction!

October 2016

Goal: Grand Opening

Grand opening and commencement of operations!

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